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Smartfony i tablety android do sterowania inteligentnym domem
Apps used to control smart houses are a standard now. Almost every manufacturer offers an app that allows you to turn off a lamp, turn on the sprinklers or adjust the ambient temperature in the living room.
The problem is, that the developers of such apps have no idea, what features are useful to you, and which ones are completely useless. How would they know? This makes it easier to get off the couch and just flip the switch than look for the icon you need among the useless ones.

We took on a different approach when designing the Grenton System: wouldn't it be better to let the user decide, how the features are laid out within the app? No one but you knows better, what features are important to you and which ones you want to have quick access to.
This is how GRENTON Visual Builder was born - an impressive tool that gives you full control over how the app you are using looks!
How does it work?
As with other GRENTON System elements, Visual Builder is user-friendly and easy to use. Just lay out the buttons and icons however you like, choose, how they look and send the layout to your smartphone or tablet. And to make things better, you can do it with just a couple clicks of your mouse!

Aplikacja na smartfony i tablety iphone ipad w inteligentnym domu

Visual Builder operates on a "drag & drop" principle. You just need to drag the appropriate button type to the editor and connect it to the element that is supposed to control it. It doesn't get much simpler than that.
Do you want the garage controls to be available on the first screen? You only need to drag the appropriate button to the spot you want the button to be and assign it to the system you want to control. You can then send it to your smartphone with a single move and it's done! In just couple minutes you will be able to create an app that will work and look the way you want it to.
You can create your own smart house app by using only your mouse!

In order to make controlling all of your smart house devices simple, Grenton Visual Builder offers you a number of different components that can be added to the app:
  • single-state buttons, connected to a single command;
  • two-state buttons with object state indicators;
  • sliders for adjusting things like the temperature;
  • icons, reflecting the status of an object;
  • IP camera control components, that allow you to display camera image directly in your app.
These components will allow you to control any device in your smart house.
Since a simple app with just one screen wouldn't meet all of your needs, Visual Builder offers a lot more. Each interface can be made up of any number of pages, including embedded pages, allowing you to sort the buttons depending on criteria such as their function. Thanks to an intuitive interface, managing the app is quick and easy, despite the complex instructions you might want to assign to individual elements.

Everyone in your house can have an app of their own

It is quite obvious, that different people need different features. While you might need garage or living room controls the most, your kids might want to access features related to his/her room. 

You can give everyone an app they need. Just create individual interfaces for everyone in your home in Visual Builder and pick the most important features for everyone.