Konfiguracja inteligentnego budynku na tablecie lub komputerze
The basis around which smart house operates are the scenarios offered. It is thanks to them, that the smart house can conduct complex operations, controlling various devices exactly in a way you want.

What exactly are these scenarios? They are nothing more than lists of tasks that the smart house system is to carry out when it receives an appropriate command. But that's not all. Scenarios can include conditional instructions that can change particular tasks depending on circumstances, for example, the system will carry out its instructions differently depending on whether it is day or night. 

A scenario can be activated with a switch or using an app, or it can be activated automatically when certain circumstances occur.
What are the scenarios useful for?

The answer is simple: everything! Do you want the lamps in the hallway to turn on automatically when you enter the house and the living room blinds to open? You only need to create a scenario that includes the commands to turn on the light and open the blind, and then associate it with the switch by the entrance.
GRENTON system allows you to create a great number of scenarios for different occasions. There are thousands of possibilities available, and only your needs determine, what tasks will the smart house system carry out.

Create new scenarios with ease
In order to make creation of new scenarios fast and simple, we created GRENTON Script Builder. This advanced tool allows you to create scenarios using only your mouse.
Script Builder operates on a "drag & drop" principle. This means, that in order to add a task to a scenario all you need to do is drag an icon into the edit field and assign a task to it! You don't need an engineering degree to make your smart house act exactly as you want it to.

Scenariusz scena w system inteligentnego budynku domu

Aside from being very simple, Script Builder is also extremely intuitive. Due to the fact, that every scenario is displayed in a form of a graph with arrows indicating a sequence of tasks, you only need a single glance to see, how a scenario works and what is the order of tasks to be performed.
Introducing changes to a scenario is also very simple. Do you want to add an action between two existing ones? It's easy! Just drag the icon into the edit field and connect the task boxes in the order you want.
Simple to use, but offering a world of possibilities
In GRENTON System, scenarios can be activated not only using buttons, but can also be connected to other events. To put it in simple terms: you can activate any of the actions using switches, sensors, calendars or set frequency.
Grenton Script Builder is the most advanced and user-friendly scenario editor. 

Conditional instructions allow your smart house to adjust to the current situation, such as weather conditions, temperature or user behaviour. You can set the sprinklers to consider not only soil moisture, but also the weather forecast!
And if that isn't enough, you can switch to the text mode with a single click, gaining full access to LUA Object Management programming language, thus making your capabilities endless!