Cooperation between Grenton and FAKRO - roof window manufacturer

Press Release - 12’th of February, 2019

Cooperation between Grenton and FAKRO.

During the BUDMA 2019 trade fair, the largest construction technologies & innovation show in the CEE, two major exhibitors announced the beginning of cooperation and showed full compatibility of their products, which brings measurable benefits to the building and furnishing of apartments and houses. FAKRO, a leading manufacturer of roof windows with a wide range of electric drive products and GRENTON, a Polish technology company producing and distributing professional Smart Home systems, presents exemplary configurations and products based on wired and wireless Smart Home technologies on their stands.

For both companies, the key element of cooperation is to ensure the simplest and thus the fastest method of integration of their products and to complement each other's offers with partner products. Both companies believe that the Intelligent House of the future is first and foremost a house that integrates various systems efficiently and simply, such as the heating system, external and internal shading solutions, or windows.


FAKRO is a pioneer in the field of window automation and consistently expands its product portfolio. An important strategic element in this area is openness to a wide range of Smart Home systems that can control FAKRO products


"We consistently show our clients that we have wide range of high quality products, but also products with the highest level of innovation on the market. As a company, we focus on competitiveness and openness and we want our customers to be able to connect our products - windows, blinds, shutters or actuators to a wide range of Smart Home systems. Grenton is a system that is one of the leaders in the Smart Home segment on the Polish market. It works perfectly in conjunction with our line of Z-Wave products, but it can also control our Electro 24 products line - says Sławomir Gawlik, Marketing Director."


GRENTON sees in cooperation with FAKRO the benefits resulting from further expansion of the database of integrated advanced executive devices in the window and blinds segment.


"Grenton Smart Home is an extremely friendly, simple and functional technology that allows you to increase comfort, reduce costs and improve our security. For these reasons we call our system the technology of better homes. For the system to be able to provide full range of benefits, we should combine it with as many household devices and other systems as possible. Cooperation with FAKRO guarantees that our clients will have access to a broad base of integrated products, and the quality and efficiency of integration is guaranteed by cooperation between engineers of both companies - says Mariusz Lasek, a member of the GRENTON board.”


The cooperation of both companies will bring actual benefits not only for end customers but also the newly-emerging Smart Home market. Currently in the EU, smart home systems are installed in about 10% of homes. Systems that cover the whole area of the house, named whole-home automation, covers only 1-2%. Both companies are therefore pioneers and support the development of a new field of economy.



Innovation - this is the key idea that guided the Polish FAKRO company since its inception. The company started operating in 1991 and from the very beginning focused on the production of roof windows. Continuous and dynamic development has contributed to the creation of a global brand whose highest quality products are available in over 50 countries around the world. Currently, the offer includes a very wide range of products from the range of joinery, including roof windows, vertical windows, garage doors, entrance doors and window awnings. The company constantly invests in enlarging and matching the portfolio of classic products, but also successively increases the share of controlled products, ensuring high availability and compatibility of these products.

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GRENTON is a Polish producer and general distributor of fully hybrid Smart Home technology. The company is positioned in the ICT industry, but at the same time it is very active in the construction market, promoting professional products that enrich and increase the value of constructed apartments and houses. The company's mission is to popularize home automation systems.

The company's headquarter is located in Kraków, where placed also its research and development department, responsible for continuous improvement of existing and creation of new system modules. Since 2018, the company has also started intensive activities aimed at extending the existing database of over 200 certified dealers with export partners from Western Europe, Scandinavia, but also the Middle East.

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