Fronius and Grenton: this is the way smart home and PV integrate

Fronius and Grenton are market leaders that think not only about the daily needs of their customers but also look to the future with their eyes wide open, looking for easy solutions for consumers. The technologies proposed by these companies are no longer treated as solutions of the future but they are becoming widely used.

What does a user gain by integrating Fronius inverters and the Grenton Smart Home System?

  • Rational and full use of the produced energy
  • Overproduction of energy used by household appliances and heat pumps
  • Full information in the smart home system about the status of the photovoltaic installation

Maciej Piliński, Sales Manager, Fronius Polska, Solar Energy says 'The integration of a photovoltaic power plant with an intelligent building installation allows for extremely advanced algorithms for the produced energy management. The combination of the Fronius and Grenton systems is undoubtedly another step on the way to the implementation of the extremely ambitious vision of our company: '24 hours of sun', which aims to meet 100% of human energy needs from renewable energy sources.'

How do Fronius and Grenton help installers?

  • Prepared and complete integration documentation
  • A mutual series of trainings for installers, in selected locations throughout Poland, dedicated to system integration and energy management
  • Support in implementing the integration of the Grenton Smart Home System and Fronius inverters

Marek Polit, Sales Director at Grenton said: 'We have prepared documentation of integration with the Fronius Symo 8.2-3-M inverter via the Fronius Solar API (JSON) and Modbus RTU communication protocol for those installers who cooperate with Grenton and Fronius. These instructions are clear and help to read exemplary data regarding the generated instantaneous power or the total energy produced during the day, the year and from the beginning of the installation operation. These instructions will be also useful when integrating with other Fronius inverter models. We are also glad to help you and answer any questions you may have, not only during training.'

Photovoltaics and smart homes are becoming more and more popular. This is not only an ecological solution but also an economic one. Moreover, thanks to joining forces, Fronius and Grenton provide two complementary products that can be planned at the same stage of making a decision to build or renovate a house.

More information on integration and related documentation is available at Fronius Forum and in Grenton Installers Portal.